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How to Choose a Wedding Venue

How to Choose a Wedding Venue

Selecting a venue is the most important decision a bride makes. Your venue sets the wedding and reception’s tone, style and budget.

Here are five tips for selecting the perfect venue for you.

1. Gather LOTS of information – Research and understand how venue costs are calculated, and what is included in each fee. Ask if any rentals necessary rentals such as chairs, tables or linens, are included. Will you have access to the entire property? Is there power, water and sufficient parking available? These may seem like obvious questions, but the smallest overlooked detail can make a big difference.

2. Verify vendor requirements – Find out if there if your venue has any vendor relationships you are required to honor. Some venues will only work with specific caterers, florists or DJs. If so, find out which packages are required, and which vendors you’ll be working with. Make sure they can accommodate your wishes and fit your budget.

3. Set a timeline – Determine when your vendors can set up, how long your event will last, when you will need to leave the facility and what clean-up you may be responsible for. Condensed timeframes and limited conditions can all add to your budget.

4. Find out the backup plan for weather – If your wedding or reception is going to take place outdoors, this step is vital. Before signing a rental agreement, make sure your venue has a suitable plan for rain or other inclement weather. Even if your venue is indoors or under a tent, you need to evaluate how rain could affect and inconvenience arriving guests, and make a game plan.

5. Talk about insurance – This is something a lot of brides overlook and certainly don’t want to think about, but making sure your vendors and location carry liability insurance is important.

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